The most efficient way to prevent violence against women – This study may surprise you

asian-653899_640This debate has probably been around for as long as there has been violence against women. Stricter laws, harsher punishments, education and social stigma are some of the measures commonly discussed in the public space. Less commonly discussed are measures such as self-defense and risk management trainings. However, a Canadian study has indicated that this may in fact be the most effective solution.

It is not enough, the study observes, for self-defense training to include physical combat techniques (eg. kicks, throws, etc.). Rather, it needs to complement any physical techniques with risk assessment and voice work.


Self-defense training becomes effective when it includes:

  • How to identify and avoid/handle potentially dangerous situations
  • How to use one’s voice
  • Effective techniques for getting out of risky situations

The study has raised some controversy as there is a concern that this approach to women’s safety places responsibility on the victim rather than the offender. What do you think?

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